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Climate Change Archives

View archived materials that were previously posted on AMWA's Climate Change homepage.  The following information is sorted by date and source.

Government Resources 

CEQ Draft Water Resources Climate Management Plan, June 2011

Interior Department Report On Climate Impacts on Western Water Resources, April 2011

CEQ Instructs Federal Agencies to Assist With Adaptation Planning, March 2011

NDWAC Submits Climate Ready Water Utilities Report to EPA, 
January 2011

California Details Climate Adaptation Efforts,
November 2010

NOAA Plans Third National Climate Assessment,
November 2010

CEQ Report
Calls For Robust Adaptation Planning,
October 2010

EPA Water Program Updates its Response to Climate Change Strategy,
September 2010

OSTP Seeks Comments on National Climate Assessment Objectives,
September 2010

EPA Collects Comments on Climate Vulnerability Case Studies,
August 2010

Forest Service Releases National Roadmap for Responding to Climate Change, July 2010

NOAA releases its Next Generation Strategic Plan,
July 2010

U.S . Army Corps of Engineers Launches Responses to Climate Change Website,
July 2010

NAS Reports from the America's Climate Choices project, May 2010

EPA Report Cl
imate Change Indicators in the United States, April 2010

USGS White Paper Water - The Nation's Fundamental Climate Issue,
April 2010

NOAA Announces National Climate Service,
February 2010

Bureau of Reclamation report, The Literature Synthesis on Climate Change Implications for Reclamation's Water Resources, February 2010

NOAA Testimony
on water climate adaptation needs,
December 2009

Fish and Wildlife Service releases strategic plan for addressing climate change, November 2009

Interior Department Establishes Climate Change Response Council, September 2009

A New NOAA Website Serves as a Forum to Exchange Coastal Climate Adaptation Information, July 2009

U.S. Global Change Research Program Report, Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States,
June 2009

NAS Report Restructuring Federal Climate Research to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change,
March 2009

EPA Inspector General Says Agency Needs Comprehensive Climate Plan,
February 2009

Presentations from EPA's First National Expert and Stakeholder Workshop on Water Infrastructure Sustainability and Adaptation to Climate Change, January 2009

Federal Agencies Collaborate on Circular 1331 Climate Change and Water Resource Management Guide,
January 2009

EPA Releases Report on Sea Level Rise,
January 2009

National Academy of Sciences launches America's Climate Choices,
January 2009

EPA's Water Research Adaptation Program and Global Change Research Program,
January 2009

CCSP Report, Abrupt Climate Change,
December 2008

EPA Releases National Water Program Strategy, September 2008.

CCSP Report, Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate,
June 2008.

CCSP Report,
Scientific Assessment of the Effects of Global Change on the United States, May 2008

CCSP Report,
The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity, May 2008

EPA Guidebook,
Ensuring a Sustainable Future: An Energy Management Guidebook for Wastewater and Water Utilities, January 2008

USGS Report, Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change for the Water Resources of the United States, 2007

Other Reports

National Research Council's Report on America's Climate Choices, May 2011

Center for Clean Air Policy reports promote green infrastructure and urban adaptation initatives, February 2010

Pew Report Examines Federal Adaptation Efforts,
November 2010

Stakeholders meet to discuss community adaptation needs, http://www.joss.ucar.edu/events/2010/ncas,
June 2010

University of New Hampshire reports on Trends in Extreme Precipitation Events for the Northeastern United States,
March 2010

Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) report, Decision Support Planning Methods: Incorporating Climate Change Uncertainties into Water Planning, January 2010

Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) white paper, Options for Improving Climate Modeling to Assist Water Utility Planning for Climate Change, December 2009

Center for Clean Air Policy report, Ask the Climate Question: Adapting to Climate Change Impacts in Urban Regions, June 2009

Southern Nevada Water Authority testimony on water utility research and adaptation needs,
April 2009

World representatives meet for International Scientific Congress on Climate Change,
March 2009

Ceres and the Pacific Institute report, Water Scarcity and Climate Change: Growing Risks for Businesses and Investors
February 2009

California Department of Water Resources report Masking an Uncertain Future,
October 2008

Scientific American Magazine Explores the World's "Freshwater Crisis,"
July 2008

New York City Department of Environmental Protection's Climate Action Plan,
May 2008

California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA) report, Climate Change and Urban Water Resources: Investing for Reliability,
December 2007

IPCC report, Climate Change Mitigation - Summary for Policymakers,
May 2007

IPCC report, Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability: Summary for Policymakers,
April 2007

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) climate change reports,

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