2014 Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance

AMWA’s 2014 Gold Awards for Exceptional Utility Performance were presented to:

  • Greenville Water
  • Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority

Greenville Water has completed the first formal Natural Resources Management Plan for two of its watersheds and obtained a permitted water resource portfolio from three separate watersheds that can sustain its service area with water for over 56 years.  The utility actively engages its stakeholders through its economic development, community giving and public outreach programs and implemented the Greenville Water Leadership Academy to provide in-house leadership training to supervisory employees.  It maintains AAA bond ratings with all three major bond-rating agencies, developed a formal asset management system to more accurately prioritize and budget water main replacements and updated its security and emergency response plan and training.

The Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority, a wholesale water supplier to four county members in southwest Florida, has secured a reliable, sustainable and affordable water supply for the residents of the region and provides the infrastructure for business development, economic recovery and prosperity.Through the creation of public and private partnerships, the Authority successfully completed an extensive expansion program over the past decade, utilizing alternative water supply in lieu of groundwater pumping. The Authority has been a model in the state in development of alternative water supply through surface water storage by off-stream reservoir and aquifer storage and recovery systems.