2017 Platinum Award for Utility Excellence

Winners of the 2017 AMWA Platinum Award for Utility Excellence were:

  • Anaheim Public Utilities (California)
  • Anne Arundel County Bureau of Utility Operations (Maryland)
  • Greenville Water (South Carolina)
  • Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority (Florida)
  • Tampa Bay Water (Florida)

Anaheim Public Utilities keeps an eye toward maintaining stable rates for its customers while delivering reliable service and a high quality product.  The utility invests in its employees, water infrastructure system and community through innovative employee development initiatives, carefully planned asset replacement programs and student engagement opportunities. These efforts resulted in the utility having one of the lowest water rates in its county, while water quality continues to meet and exceed state and federal standards. Its customer service is touted by J.D. Power as being in the top 15 percent of large water agencies in the western United States.

Anne Arundel County Bureau of Utility Operations developed a ten-year capital improvement program to implement its strategic decision to end reliance on the neighboring city of Baltimore for 25 percent of the county’s drinking water production. Major expansion was made to two water treatment plants, separate transmission mains were run and a water booster station was commissioned to deliver the production from those plants. The utility’s current water purchase is down to less than two percent, resulting in $8.5 million in annual savings. These efforts will ensure the sustainability of the local system, reduce costs and control water quality.

Greenville Water’s strong financial position allows the utility to be proactive in planning for the future and preparing for emergencies while maintaining affordable rates. Employees are well trained with state-of-the-industry technology to manage its assets and protect its resources. The utility also strives to make the community an outstanding place to live by sponsoring community events and supporting economic development efforts to bring better jobs and improve quality of life. Every day – with the help of talented employees, a connected community, strong management and a committed Commission – Greenville Water works to achieve its vision of quality water and a sustainable future.

Through collaboration and cooperation, the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority of southwest Florida has secured a reliable, affordable water supply for the region and provides the infrastructure for business development and economic growth. The Authority’s extensive expansion program, utilizing alternative water supply in lieu of further groundwater degradation, makes it a model in development of surface water storage by off-stream reservoir and aquifer storage and recovery systems.  The Authority’s goal to create a regional interconnected transmission system is a 25-year vision to provide integrated management of the region’s water resources to better protect the environment.

Tampa Bay Water, the largest wholesale water utility in the southeastern United States, planned for future regional water supply through an update of its long-term master water plan and implemented an asset management program for its infrastructure and assets. An environmental management system was created to promote compliance with international standards, and an energy management program was implemented to reduce energy costs. The agency refinanced various bond issues, saving $3 million annually, and maintained high bond ratings with all three rating agencies. Its wholesale water rate has held steady for seven consecutive years through innovative cost-saving measures across the agency.