2006 Gold Award for Competitiveness Achievement

AWMA's 2006 Gold Awards for Competitiveness Achievement were presented to:

  • Aurora Water
  • Clearwater Public Utilities
  • City of Glendale Utilities Department
  • Long Beach Water Department
  • Orange Water and Sewer Authority
  • Orlando Utilities Commission
  • City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department

Aurora Water uses benchmarking, cross-training, leadership development and reorganization for improved efficiency to ensure high-quality water. Reorganization of its operations division resulted in a Design Build Award for renovation of one of its water treatment plants and a Land Stewardship Award for the other.Last year, both plants earned Partnership for Safe Water Director's Awards.

Clearwater Public Utilities promotes excellence in its employees by rewarding their efforts and encouraging continuing education.The utility built a 3-mgd reverse osmosis water treatment plant, rehabilitated numerous groundwater production wells, continues expansion of its reclaimed water system for alternative irrigation sources, and continues replacement of undersized and old water transmission mains to improve service to its customers.

Among the achievements of the Glendale Utilities Department are expansion of current plants, an extensive water main replacement program and an aggressive meter testing and meter reading program.The Department undertakes comprehensive benchmarking, and its technological programs include an Interactive Voice Response/Interactive Web Response system for its call center and a Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Each year, Long Beach Water Department prepares a ten-year strategic plan detailing cost versus revenue and a five-year capital improvement program detailing projected spending on projects.Its asset management system is used for field operations and maintenance functions, water mains replacement prioritizing, capital improvement planning and budgeting.Benefits include increased productivity, improved decision-making capabilities and better records management.

Orange Water and Sewer Authority conducts benchmarking for continuous improvement. Plant operators collect information with hand-held computers, field personnel access GIS information with laptop computers and engineers plan rehabilitation projects with a prioritization model integrating GIS and work order management systems.Long-range planning ensures sufficient future water supplies, and rate studies confirm that charges cover the cost of providing service.

Orlando Utilities Commission recently completed a $124 million water production modernization and expansion project that resulted in eight interconnected and fully automated water treatment facilities. OUC is working with regional partners to implement a comprehensive, integrated water resources plan.Its employees are recognized for controlling expenses, reaching project milestones, providing top-notch service quality and customer satisfaction.

The Santa Rosa Utilities Department implemented a Computerized Maintenance and Management System to collect information for use by management in creating realistic goals and measuring the efficiency of its business processes. It also undertook a management and organizational change coaching process to prepare for the technological and work process changes necessary to transition to a 21st century public utility.