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The Georgetown Climate Center recently released a suite of best practices and policy options that cities and community organizations can use to advance and achieve equitable outcomes while pursuing climate adaptation goals. The Equitable Adaptation Legal and Policy Toolkit was developed through a collaborative process involving an advisory group of many organizations and subject matter experts that included members of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network.

The web-based resource includes four major sections:

  1. Introduction to the Problem and the Need for Equitable Climate Adaptation Solutions;
  2. Procedural Equity: Tools for Planning, Engagement, and Governance;
  3. Equitable Adaptation Policies & Programs: Implementing Equitable Adaptation; and 
  4. Funding Tools: Paying for Equitable Adaptation. 

The section on equitable adaptation policies and programs offers information about cross-cutting issues related to water and equity and provides equitable disaster preparedness and recovery tools.