How to Join

AMWA welcomes as members all publicly owned drinking water agencies that serve at least 100,000 people. Water providers serving fewer than 100,000 people are invited to join as affiliate members.

AMWA's annual dues are based on population served.

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Membership Categories


Public water supply agencies serving, directly or indirectly, a population of 100,000 or more people.


Public water supply agencies serving, directly or indirectly, a population of fewer than 100,000 people or non-U.S. publicly owned water system. Affiliates are non-voting members of AMWA.


Any organization, whether public or private, that is not eligible for membership or affiliate membership in AMWA. The interests of the applicant must be compatible with the purposes and policies of the association. Subscribers have no voting or other governance rights in AMWA or on any committees, nor are their representatives eligible to serve as officers or directors.

Why Join AMWA

National Representation on Drinking Water Issues

Member utilities are generally represented within the association by their chief executives, making AMWA a strong and unified voice in the nation's capital. This also allows AMWA to move quickly when strategic decisions are needed and speak with authority on the full range of drinking water issues. The concerns and requirements of metropolitan water systems are not always aligned with others in the industry and AMWA helps ensure that the perspectives of its members have an impact in Congress and with regulatory agencies.

As a leader in water security, AMWA members serve on numerous key national panels. AMWA also established the Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center - WaterISAC, which is a separate, fee-based service to provide sensitive water security threat information and mitigation resources to drinking water and wastewater utilities.

Resources for Water Executives

AMWA serves the water CEOs and GMs who are the representatives of its member utilities by providing tools for competitiveness and management. This includes the development of handbooks and manuals that apply best general management practices and approaches to the specific challenges of drinking water systems.

AMWA works in collaboration with U.S. EPA and other associations on a sustainable infrastructure project to identify, measure and promote the attributes of effectively managed utilities. The association is a partner in the Water and Wastewater Leadership Center at the University of North Carolina and hosts speakers on leadership and management topics at its annual conferences.

To recognize the achievements of competitive water systems, AMWA annually presents the Gold Awards for Exceptional Utility Performance and the Platinum Awards for Utility Excellence. These programs, along with the Sustainable Water Utility Management Award introduced in 2014, recognize water systems that are successfully meeting the wide range of challenges that arise in today's water industry, including product quality, customer satisfaction, employee leadership and development, operational optimization, financial viability, infrastructure stability, operational resiliency, community sustainability, water resource adequacy and stakeholder understanding and support.

Water Executive Network

AMWA is particularly valuable to members as a forum for sharing ideas and building relationships among utility managers. AMWA creates these opportunities through the annual spring Water Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. and the Annual Executive Management Conference, scheduled each fall in different cities around the country.

Participation in AMWA committees is a rewarding membership benefit that enriches both the organization and the committee members. Committees address legislative, regulatory, security, utility management and water policy issues and bring together interested and experienced water system managers to develop authoritative positions, policies and products that advance the interests of the water sector.

Through AMWA's Member-to-Member Inquiry program, members can pose very specific questions about utility operations and concerns and quickly receive feedback, ideas and recommendations from peers around the country.

Information Access

Keeping members informed is yet another way AMWA benefits members. The AMWA website, and particularly its members-only pages, open the door to a vast array of information and resources to keep members on top of industry developments. AMWA publishes a weekly briefing of industry news and monthly and bimonthly newsletters on utility management, sustainability, security and legislative and regulatory activity.