Member to Member

AMWA serves as a forum where utility members can ask questions and share their thoughts with other members on various aspects of utility operations. AMWA's Member-to-Member Inquiries are relatively short, quick-turn-around surveys that have been a useful and popular way for member utility managers to tap the knowledge and experience of their peers.

Here’s how it works:

  • From time to time, AMWA's national office e-mails questions posed by one member to the whole membership in the form of a brief online survey.
  • AMWA collects the survey results in both an Excel spreadsheet and a pdf file that presents many of the findings using charts and graphs.  These two versions are posted to this page, categorized by general topic and date.
  • AMWA notifies members by e-mail of the availability of the results.

The request for AMWA to disseminate an inquiry should come directly from the AMWA member representative. To send an inquiry, provide a summary of the issue, the survey questions, a point of contact and your preferred deadline date to AMWA's Carolyn Peterson ( or 202-331-2820).

Member-to-member surveys and survey results are intended for use by AMWA member utilities only. All member-to-member inquiries should be treated as confidential and not shared beyond AMWA member utilities.

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April 2016: Customer Relations/Communications
March 2016: Supply Management
March 2016: Customer Relations/Communications
February 2016: Customer Relations/Communications
February 2016: Distribution System
February 2016: Information Technology/GIS
December 2015: Human Resources
November 2015: Meters
November 2015: Human Resources