Congressional Report

Congressional Report

Congressional Report: April 2017

  • Lawmakers Attempt to Navigate Government Shutdown Threat
  • Weather Forecasting Bill Becomes Law
  • Senate Panel Approves Wastewater Integrated Planning, Technical Assistance Bills
  • House Bill Seeks 5 ppb Lead Limit, Expanded Testing and Reporting
  • "Lead-Free Schools Act" Offers Fountain Replacement Grants, Sets LCR Revision Deadline
  • Senator Reintroduces DWSRF “Buy American” Bill
  • Senate Bill Aims to Boost Emerging Contaminant Research

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Congressional Report: March 2017

  • AMWA Signs Two Letters to Congress Supporting Municipal Bonds
  • Bipartisan Letter Urges Preservation of Municipal Bond Tax Exemption
  • House Bill Would Reform SDWA Standard Setting Rules, Reduce Cross-Cutting Mandates
  • GOP Lawmaker Seeks to Narrow "WOTUS" Definition
  • EPW Democrats Set Subcommittee Rosters
  • Senators Call for Drinking Water Regulations for Four Contaminants
  • House Bill Would Mandate Water Utility Threat Assessments

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Congressional Report: February 2017

  • New Report Details Value of Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds

  • Bills Propose Permanent "Buy American" Rules for DWSRF

  • Lawmaker Targets EPA’s Risk Management Program Revisions for Repeal

  • Pair of GOP Bills Propose Dismantling EPA

  • Energy and Commerce Committee Aims to Eliminate Waste, Promote Growth

  • Congressman Prods EPA on Chromium-6

  • House Democrats Identify SDWA Reform Priorities

  • Senate EPW Panel Fills In Subcommittee Assignments

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Congressional Report: January 2017

  • 115th Congress Convenes in Washington
  • Bill Would Apply “Buy American” to All Federal Infrastructure Spending
  • Senate Democrats Propose $110 Billion in New Water and Wastewater Funding
  • Senators Round Out EPW Committee Roster
  • Reps. Shimkus, Tonko Return at Helm of Environment Subcommittee
  • House Approves NOAA Research Bill
  • House Legislation Proposes Streamlining Reclamation Environmental Reviews

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Congressional Report: December 2016

  • 114th Congress Concludes with Passage of WRDA, Funding Extension
  • WRDA Deal Authorizes LSL Grants, Allows WIFIA Application Fee Financing
  • Southeastern Water Dispute Sidetracks Weather Forecasting Bill
  • Conservative Lawmaker Seeks Repeal of Obama Rules

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Congressional Report: November 2016

  • Trump, Congress Could Cooperate on Water Infrastructure
  • Elections Bring Only Minor Changes to Capitol Hill
  • GOP Leaders Punt FY17 Spending Decisions to Spring
  • Fate of WRDA Uncertain As Congress Heads into Final Stretch
  • Lawmakers Offer Two New Lead Bills

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Congressional Report: October 2016

  • AMWA Calls For WIFIA Funding in Final WRDA Bill
  • House Panel Releases New Video Touting Tax Reform Plan
  • EPA to Continue WIFIA Information Sessions Through Mid-November
  • Reviewers Sought for Draft State Affordability Guides
  • Democrats Poised for Election Day Gains

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Congressional Report: September 2016

  • Congress Extends Government Funding, Departs for Campaign Trail
  • Senate Approves WRDA Bill with WIFIA Funds, Lead Provisions
  • WRDA Provision Would Allow Utilities to Finance WIFIA Application Fee
  • House Passes WRDA Bill After Reaching Flint Deal
  • House Panel Reverses Course on WIFIA Fee Amendment
  • SDWA Overhaul Legislation Offers Easier Path to Contaminant Regulation, Expanded Vulnerability Assessments for Utilities
  • House Bill Offers Funding to Promote School Water Testing

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Congressional Report: August 2016

  • Competing Visions Separate Two Party Platforms
  • AMWA Urges No WaterSense Eligibility for Water Softeners
  • Senate Eyes Mid-September for WRDA Vote
  • Decisions Ahead on FY17 Spending Plans

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Congressional Report: July 2016

  • Much Work Undone as Congress Departs for Summer Break
  • AMWA Requests Preservation of Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds
  • House Approves EPA Spending Bill With DWSRF, WIFIA Increases
  • House Democrats Call For SDWA Reforms
  • Senate Bill would Permanently Apply "Buy American" Rules to DWSRF
  • New Bills Aim to Help Schools Address High Lead Levels
  • Lead in Water Fears Hit Capitol Hill

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