Sustainability and Security Report

Sustainability & Security Report

Sustainability & Security Report: February 2016

  • FEMA Offers Virtual Tabletop Exercises on Hurricane Scenario
  • FEMA Announces FY16 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program Grants and Webinars
  • DHS Announces FY16 Preparedness Grant Opportunities
  • NOAA Drought Task Force Report Underscores Importance of Research
  • Supreme Court Issues Stay on Clean Power Plan Rule
  • White House Announces Multi-Pronged Cyber Plan to Secure Federal and Private Sector IT and Personal Online Accounts
  • Opportunity to Comment on NOAA’s Water Resources Dashboard 

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Sustainability & Security Report: January 2016

  • AMWA Says Draft Sustainability Accounting Standard Misrepresents Water Sector
  • Climate Bonds Initiative Seeks Comment on Draft Water Climate Bonds Standard
  • Green Bond Market Will Double Worldwide in 2016, Reports HSBC
  • NIST Seeks Comment on Its Cybersecurity Framework
  • Canadian Water Network Hosting Blue Cities 2016 Conference in Toronto
  • Successful Launch of Sea Level Rise Tracking Satellite Announced
  • EPA Water Lab Alliance Response Plan Tabletop Exercise Webcast
  • Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (CIKR) Awareness Training (AWR-213)
  • 2015 Marks U.S.'s Second-Hottest Year in 121 Years

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Sustainability & Security Report: December 2015

  • Paris Climate Agreement Confirms Worldwide Commitment to Reduce GHG Emissions
  • FEMA El Nino Page Highlights Resources
  • DHS Announces Big Change to the National Terrorism Advisory System; Issues First Threat Bulletin
  • DHS Releases Active Shooter Planning and Response Guidance
  • Cybersecurity Information Sharing Bill Passes Congress
  • DHS Releases Report on Dam Infrastructure

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Sustainability & Security Report: October - November 2015

  • California’s Drought Emergency Restrictions Could be Extended
  • Administration Advocates for International Climate Accord; Congress Pushes Back
  • AMWA Partnering With AWWA on International Symposium on Potable Reuse
  • EPA Website Highlights State Practices for Climate Adaptation
  • High Hopes for an Ambitious Agreement in Paris at COP-21
  • COP 21 Conference Will Proceed, Although Climate Marches Cancelled
  • FEMA Provides Information on Hazard Mitigation Assistance for Climate Resilient Mitigation Activities
  • Congress Asked to Reject Potentially Intrusive Cybersecurity Bill Provisions
  • Senate Approves Cybersecurity Legislation
  • Report on Business Resilience Identifies Water as Primary Lens for Considering Climate Change

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Sustainability & Security Report: September 2015

  • Pope Encourages Climate Change Action Without Saying the Phrase
  • Moderate Republicans Commit to Conservative Environmental Stewardship in House Resolution
  • Tree Ring Study Indicates Sierra Nevada Snowpack At Lowest in 500 Years
  • National Academies Releases Review of Draft Report on the Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health
  • Framework for Direct Potable Reuse Describes Regulatory, Technical and Public Outreach Considerations
  • Detectable Concentrations of Ebola Survive in Sterilized Wastewater for at Least a Week, According to Research

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Sustainability & Secruity Report: August 2015

  • Next Three WaterISAC Cyber Threat Briefings to Cover Best Practices, Starting August 26
  • Cyber-Physical Risk from Smart Technology Addressed in DHS Report
  • Report Analyzes Green Infrastructure Performance and Factors Affecting its Adoption
  • Advisory Committee Seeking Input on Federal Management of Freshwater Resources; Public Listening Session Set for September 9
  • Congressional Research Service Releases Report on Current Understanding of Drought
  • California Reaches Water Use Goal for June
  • Report Highlights Severe Economic Risks from Climate Change in Southeast and Texas
  • Virtual Town Hall Meetings on California Drought and Global Water Supplies Start August 11
  • NOAA Seeking Nominations for Advisory Committee for Sustained National Climate Assessment

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Sustainability & Secruity Report: July 2015

  • The Role of Records in Disaster Response: FEMA Webinar on Aug. 5
  • Chlorine Institute Issues New Guidance on Estimating the Area Affected by a Chlorine Release
  • NAS Panel Recommends USGCRP Make Improvements to Climate and Health Assessment
  • Online Compendium of Federal Resources for Public Health Emergencies Now Available
  • Drought Risk Management Research Center to Study Critical Drought-Related Needs
  • NOAA Climate Office Announces New Research Grant Opportunities (Due July 30)
  • California's Strategies and Challenges for Addressing Changing Precipitation Patterns and Drought: July 24 Webinar
  • Water and Power Resiliency: July 29 Webinar by U.S. EPA

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Sustainability & Secruity Report: June 2015

  • Federal Agencies Announce New Sites for Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative
  • Free WaterISAC Cybersecurity Guide Now Available
  • AMWA Submits Comments on Sustaining the National Climate Assessment
  • AMWA Recommends Improvements for Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Human Health
  • EPA Report Quantifies Benefits to U.S. if Global Action is Taken to Mitigate GHGs
  • Papal Encyclical Urges Action on Climate Change
  • ASCE Report Assesses Importance of Adapting Engineering Approaches to Climate Change
  • Using Satellite Data, Studies Demonstrate Global Loss of Groundwater Storage
  • DHS Chemical Security Analysis Center – A Resource for the Water Sector 

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Sustainability & Security Report: May 2015

  • White House Seeks Input by June 15 on Sustaining the National Climate Assessment
  • NIST Releases Draft Community Resilience Guide, Seeks Comment
  • White House Report Outlines National Security Implications of Climate Change
  • El Niño Has Arrived; NOAA Tracking Its Development
  • USGS Report Highlights Earth Science Perspective of Water-Energy Nexus
  • National Water Center Opens at University of Alabama
  • Register Now for EPA's Free Workshops on Climate Resilience and Extreme Event Planning
  • WUCA Releases Whitepapers on Water Utility Planning in the Context of Climate Change

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Sustainability & Security Report: April 2015

  • DHS Report Provides 2015 Spring Flooding Outlook and Potential Impacts to the Water Sector

  • Water Laboratory Alliance Tabletop Exercise Webcast: May 14

  • SCADA Attacks Doubled in 2014, According to Dell Report

  • DHS Releases Dams Sector Resilience Report

  • Climate Risk in California Is Focus of Latest Risky Business Report

  • U.S. Global Change Research Program Releases for Comment a Study on Human Health Impacts of Climate Change

  • California Executive Order Mandates a 25% Reduction of Potable Urban Water Use

  • U.S. Submits Official Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets for Paris Talks

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