Sustainability and Security Report

Sustainability & Security Report

Sustainability & Secruity Report: June 2015

  • Federal Agencies Announce New Sites for Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative
  • Free WaterISAC Cybersecurity Guide Now Available
  • AMWA Submits Comments on Sustaining the National Climate Assessment
  • AMWA Recommends Improvements for Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Human Health
  • EPA Report Quantifies Benefits to U.S. if Global Action is Taken to Mitigate GHGs
  • Papal Encyclical Urges Action on Climate Change
  • ASCE Report Assesses Importance of Adapting Engineering Approaches to Climate Change
  • Using Satellite Data, Studies Demonstrate Global Loss of Groundwater Storage
  • DHS Chemical Security Analysis Center – A Resource for the Water Sector 

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Sustainability & Security Report: May 2015

  • White House Seeks Input by June 15 on Sustaining the National Climate Assessment
  • NIST Releases Draft Community Resilience Guide, Seeks Comment
  • White House Report Outlines National Security Implications of Climate Change
  • El Niño Has Arrived; NOAA Tracking Its Development
  • USGS Report Highlights Earth Science Perspective of Water-Energy Nexus
  • National Water Center Opens at University of Alabama
  • Register Now for EPA's Free Workshops on Climate Resilience and Extreme Event Planning
  • WUCA Releases Whitepapers on Water Utility Planning in the Context of Climate Change

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Sustainability & Security Report: April 2015

  • DHS Report Provides 2015 Spring Flooding Outlook and Potential Impacts to the Water Sector

  • Water Laboratory Alliance Tabletop Exercise Webcast: May 14

  • SCADA Attacks Doubled in 2014, According to Dell Report

  • DHS Releases Dams Sector Resilience Report

  • Climate Risk in California Is Focus of Latest Risky Business Report

  • U.S. Global Change Research Program Releases for Comment a Study on Human Health Impacts of Climate Change

  • California Executive Order Mandates a 25% Reduction of Potable Urban Water Use

  • U.S. Submits Official Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets for Paris Talks

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Sustainability & Security Report: March 2015

  • AMWA Developing Comments on Guidelines for Federal Flood Risk Management Standard
  • Executive Order Commits Federal Government to 40% Reduction In Greenhouse Gases
  • EPA Updates Climate Adaptation Guide With Latest Climate Change Data
  • Senate Panel Approves Cyber-sharing Legislation
  • NOAA Hosting Webinar Series on Climate Information for Managing Risks in Water Resources
  • FBI E-Tool Analyzes Malware Files
  • Draft Negotiating Text For Paris Climate Negotiations Released

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Sustainability & Security Report: February 2015

  • NYC Climate Change Panel Report Aims to Increase the City’s Resiliency
  • White House Creates New Agency to Analyze Cyber Threats Intel
  • NASA Launches Satellite to Measure Earth’s Soil Moisture
  • President Signs Order for New Federal Flood Risk Management Standards
  • Draft Guidelines for Implementing Flood Risk Management Standard Open for Comment
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Releases Comprehensive Study of Storm Risk Management
  • National Weather Service Highlights Resources for Flood Safety Week

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Sustainability & Security Report: January 2015

  • World Economic Forum Names Water Crises a Top Global Risk
  • CEQ Chief to Depart in March
  • 2014 Warmest Year On Record
  • EPA Releases New Tools on Storm Surge, Extreme Events Tracking
  • EPA Offering Training on Assessment and Contaminant Data Tools and Exercise on Laboratory Response

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Sustainability & Security Report: December 2014

  • CEQ Releases Guidance For Conducting NEPA Reviews
  • CEQ Finalizes Interagency Guidelines for Federal Water Resource Projects
  • CDC Posts FAQs Related to Ebola, Sewage and Drinking Water
  • Nations Frame a Path Forward for Climate Agreement in Lima, Peru
  • New York Announces Fracking Ban
  • DHS to Host Webinar on Sea Level Rise and its Cascading Effects
  • President Elevates OMB Director to Climate Council Leadership
  • WaterISAC Recording of Cyber Incident Liabilities, Mitigation and Insurance Briefing Available
  • Course on Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems Offered
  • Cyber Jihad from Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State
  • DHS Describes Impacts to Critical Infrastructure from Winter Storms

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Sustainability & Security Report: October - November 2014

  • December 11: Cyber Incident Liabilities, Mitigation and Insurance Webcast by WaterISAC
  • President’s Resilience Task Force Submits Recommendations
  • U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit Site Launched
  • IPCC Chairman, UN Secretary-General Hope Latest Synthesis Report Will Spur International Action
  • U.S., China Pledge Action to Mitigate Carbon Emissions
  • Federal Agencies Release 2014 Climate Adaptation Plans
  • Capstone Johnson Foundation Report Identifies Key Ideas and Guiding Principles To Navigate the Nation’s Freshwater Challenges
  • RFP Announced for Five Star & Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program
  • National Hurricane Center Releases National Map of Storm Surge Risk
  • DHS Releases New Orleans Hurricane Scenario Analysis Report; Reports for Other Regions Released Previously
  • BlackEnergy Malware Plaguing Energy and Some Water ICS Networks

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Sustainability and Security Report: September 2014

  • Strengthening Organizational Resilience: WaterISAC Webcast: September 30
  • Bash Software Bug Presents Vulnerabilities for Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X Systems
  • AMWA Recommends Actions for the Federal Government to Facilitate Resilience Planning and Investment for Water Utilities
  • President Pledges American Leadership on Climate at U.N. Summit
  • Obama Announces Actions to Support Climate Resilience
  • Georgetown Climate Center Presents 100 Recommendations to Task Force on Climate Resilience
  • ASCE Says U.S. Must Better Address Flood Risk
  • U.S. EPA Releases Interactive Flood Resilience Guide

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Sustainability and Security Report: August 2014

  • Information Sharing, Climate Resilience, Risks and Preparedness Discussed in Latest CIP Report
  • Trio of Georgetown Climate Center Reports Provide Insights for Climate Resilience Planning
  • National Labs Embark on Ambitious Climate Modeling Project
  • California Has Over-Allocated its Available Water, Researchers Say
  • 2013 State of the Climate Report Shows Continued Trends of a Warmer Planet
  • NAS Report Commissioned by Corps of Engineers Examines Coastal Risk
  • AMWA’s Water-Energy Webinar Series: Slides and Recordings Available
  • USGS Coastal Change Hazards Portal: An Online Visualization Tool 
  • GAO, Senate Budget Committee Member Highlight Need for Investment in Climate Resilience
  • Case Study Report Highlights Community Response to Extreme Events
  • CDC Releases Guide For Health Departments To Respond to Climate Change Impacts
  • WaterISAC Releases Latest Threat Analysis for the Water Sector
  • U.S. EPA to Host Contamination Response Webcast on September 16
  • DHS Releases Reports on Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, Extended Power Outages and Wildfire Threats
  • DHS and Partners to Host Critical Infrastructure Webinar Series
  • Assess Your Organizational Resilience with HealthCheck
  • U.S. EPA Offers Contamination Response Tabletop Exercise Webcasts for Labs
  • Updated Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Now Available
  • FEMA Hosts Sept. 2 and 3 Webinars on New National Protection Framework
  • FEMA Releases 2014 National Preparedness Report
  • Public Comment Period Open for Proposed Regulations on Trains Carrying Hazardous Materials

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