Water Utility Executive

Water Utility Executive

The Water Utility Executive is AMWA’s bimonthly publication about utility management issues, as well as trends from both inside and outside the water sector that impact or influence water management and executive leadership.

Water Utility Executive: September-October 2018

  • Water Execs Focus on Managing for the Long Term at AMWA Conference
  • Communities Line Up for WIFIA Loans
  • AMWA Welcomes New Members
  • Water Leadership Center Returns to UNC for 2019
  • Value of Water Recruits Utilities for Imagine a Day Without Water
  • Baltimore City Council Votes to Ban Water Privatization
  • Phoenix Uses INSIGHT to Gain Support for Proposed Rate Increase
  • The 2018 INSIGHT Survey Is Now Underway – Time to Update the Database!

Water Utility Executive: July-August 2018

  • Brookings Report Identifies 1.7 Million Well-Paying Water Workforce Jobs
  • AMWA's Executive Management Conference
  • New J.D. Power Study Disputes CCR Findings
  • VOW Plans October Water Awareness Day, Releases Value of Water Index
  • USGS: Water Use Dropping Even as Population Grows
  • Developing Goals and Managing Performance with INSIGHT

Water Utility Executive: May-June 2018

  • WIFIA Funds Begin to Flow as Second Financing Round Is Launched
  • Save the Date for AMWA's 2018 EMC
  • Municipal Water Sector Capital Spending Predicted to Rise by 11% by 2027
  • U.S. Water Systems Look Worldwide for Bond Investors
  • Coming This Fall: 2018 INSIGHT Utility Financial Information Survey
  • Cities Prioritize “Flood-Ready” Principles
  • EPA Survey Identifies $472.6 Billion in Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs
  • Water Finance Conference

Water Utility Executive: March - April 2018

  • Water Issues Meet Policy Proposals at AMWA Spring Conference
  • AMWA Paper Outlines Advantages, Challenges of Alternative Project Delivery
  • It’s Time to Start Your AMWA Award Application
  • Water Finance Conference Set for August in D.C.
  • EFAB Agenda Covers WIFIA, Regionalization, Affordability
  • AMWA Welcomes New Members and Subscribers
  • Innovative Collaboration Platform Launched for Water/Wastewater Industry

Water Utility Executive: January-February 2018

  • Policy and Prognostication at Water Policy Conference
  • AMWA Launches 2018 Awards Program
  • Early Tax Reform Impacts Reported on Muni Bonds
  • Moody’s, S&P Reveal Potential Rating Impacts for Ignoring Climate Risks

  • GLWA Recognized for 2017 Regional “Bond Deal of the Year”
  • GAO Reports on Water Sector Workforce and Infrastructure Needs
  • Size Has Advantages for Municipal Utilities

Water Utility Executive: November – December 2017

  • Utility Execs Exchange Ideas, Address Issues at Management Conference
  • AMWA Awards Recognize Utility Excellence, Individual Contributions
  • Board Members, Officers Elected at AMWA Meeting
  • GOP Tax Plan Would Pull the Plug on PABs

  • Drinking Water Quality Among Top Fears in U.S.
  • New Resource on Water Infrastructure Financial Leadership
  • Water Equity Clearinghouse

  • AMWA Welcomes New Member

Water Utility Executive: September – October 2017

  • Executive Management Conference Focuses on Future-Proofing Initiatives
  • EPA Designates 12 Water Projects Eligible for WIFIA Loans
  • Affordability Guide Assesses Low-Income Assistance Programs
  • AMWA Welcomes New Subscriber
  • Utilities Critique Proposed Increase in CCR Frequency
  • Cities Report $9.5B in Water Projects Worldwide
  • Executive Order Expedites Reviews, Permitting for Infrastructure Projects
  • Join “Imagine a Day Without Water” – Why and How

Water Utility Executive: July-August 2017

  • Conference Agenda Promotes Informed, Proactive Management
  • EPA Updates Progress on WIFIA Program
  • AMWA Welcomes New Member and Affiliate
  • Study Finds Supermajority of Americans Support Drinking Water
  • Briefing Paper Describes “Equitable Water Future”
  • Smart Meter Cost Impacts Water Utility Adoption
  • Mark Your Calendar

Water Utility Executive: May-June 2017

  • WIFIA Moves One Step Closer to Funding Projects
  • Final Call for AMWA’s 2017 Utility Management Awards
  • States Show $14.4 Billion in 2017 Ready-to-Go Water Projects
  • Mayors Seek To Create New Resiliency SRF
  • Green Financing Updates
  • Report Compares Water Loss Reporting Policies
  • Brookings Tackles Two Key Water Issues
  • 2017 AMWA Executive Management Conference

Water Utility Executive: March–April 2017

  • Infrastructure Headlines Water Policy Conference
  • 2017 Utility Management Awards
  • Study Analyzes Economics of Infrastructure Investment
  • INSIGHT Debuts Financial Database with Dashboard
  • Environmental Finance Center Reports on P3 Use
  • Muni Bond Report Shows State-Specific Benefits
  • AMWA Welcomes New Member and Subscribers
  • Water Utility Executive Introduces “Management Marker”
  • MANAGEMENT MARKER:  DC Water Launches Blue Drop – A New Spinoff Company