Electro Scan, Inc.

Carissa Boudwin
Director of Marketing
(916) 779-0660

Electro Scan’s ground breaking multi-sensor water leak detection probe combines its patent pending low voltage conductivity technology, with a high definition CCTV camera, pressure sensor, and acoustic hydrophone, to accurately measure location, size, and GPM of each water leak. Representing the first reliable, repeatable, and measurable solution for water loss leak detection, Electro Scan’s tethered 4-in-1 probe finds water losses in pressurized water mains, accessing mains through fire hydrants, valves, flow meters, and pressure fittings, to measure variations of electricity flowing through cracks, pinhole leaks, broken joints, and defective service connections, in accordance with ASTM F2550-13.

Available exclusively as a professional service by the Company, Electro Scan Services is able to find and measure leaks, typically not detected or correctly measured by legacy techniques. Integrated with the Company’s CriticalH2O cloud application, results are available within minutes, not days or weeks.

California-based Electro Scan Inc. provides next generation solutions to eliminate the guesswork. Low voltage conductivity technology has been independently tested by the USEPA and winner of industry awards, Best Innovative Technology (WEF), Best Project (UKSTT), Project innovation Award (NASTT), and Best CleanTech Company (The New Economy).