Utility Job Postings

Submit job openings for public water sector executive management positions to info@amwa.net as a pdf document. Job listings are deleted after two months.

Water Loss Control Analyst (Senior Management Analyst)
Portland Water Bureau, Portland, OR (11/16/18)

Water Works Superintendent
Milwaukee Water Works, WI (10/29/18)

Utilities Engineering Director
Pinellas County, FL (10/24/18)

Chief Operating Officer
Kern Delta Water District, Bakersfield, CA (10/16/18)

General Manager
Casitas Municipal Water District, Oak View, CA (10/16/18)

Water Engineering Manager
City of Anaheim, CA (10/10/18)

General Manager
Anchorage Water and Wastewater (AWWU), Anchorage, AK (9/19/18)