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Navigating regulatory changes while maintaing unwavering trust and engagement is a challenging feat. As regulations evolve and public scrutiny intensifies, it becomes increasingly crucial for water utilities to communicate transparency and reliability. Striking the delicate balance between regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction is paramount when every drop of trust counts. 

Join AMWA and Kennedy Jenks on Wednesday, May 29, at 3:00 p.m. ET for an informative webinar: "Engaging Customers and Building Trust Amid Changing Regulations" to explore proven strategies, best practices, and real-life experiences in navigating the complexities of regulatory challenges while fostering stakeholder trust and engagement. 

During the presentation, Aditya Ramamurthy, Vice President and Director of Utility Management Services at Kennedy Jenks, will lay the groundwork for establishing a solid foundation on water trust and will delve into effective communication tactics and strategies, emphasizing the importance of aligning communications with water quality and engineering standards to ensure purposeful messaging. Additionally, he will moderate an informative discussion on navigating regulatory guidelines, managing interactions with stakeholders, measuring public sentiment, and more, with noted speakers:

  • Kelley Dearing Smith, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Louisville Water; and
  • Mandy Cawby, Director of Customer Relations, WaterOne. 

Following their discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the speakers during the Q&A session. 

SECURE YOUR SPOT TODAY to learn from top communications and engagement professionals in the water sector and revolutionize your approach to customer engagement and regulatory compliance!