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Your health is a top priority for AMWA, and the association is tracking the evolving health COVID-19 guidelines. The following reflects the current situation in Washington, D.C., as of February 17, 2022:

  • Previously, the District of Columbia was going to require proof of vaccination. Effective February 15, 2022, the city has dropped this mandate.
  • While the Hyatt, the conference hotel, is not requiring proof of vaccination, local restaurants and businesses may still impose requirements for entry.
  • Following CDC's current guidance, AMWA is strongly encouraging all attendees to wear masks unless eating, drinking, or speaking on stage.
  • Attendees may also wish to exercise further precautions by:

                          Frequent, vigorous handwashing with soap and water,

                          Using hand sanitizer (see some, use some),

                          Using N95 masks or double-masking, and

                          Replacing greeting hand-shakes with fist bumps or a simple wave.