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Have you ever wanted to connect with your counterpart at another utility? Have you ever questioned what resources to reference? AMWA continually seeks ways to enhance communication and engagement with our members, and the association is excited to propose an online communications forum. This platform would serve as a dedicated space for communications professionals within our member utilities to share ideas, discuss topics of interest, and support one another in a collaborative environment.

To gauge your interest in this initiative, AMWA would like to host an initial Zoom meeting in the upcoming weeks. Member feedback will be invaluable in shaping the direction and functionality of the forum. Please consider the following questions before the virtual meeting:

1. Would you be interested in participating in an AMWA online community forum?
2. What topics or features would you like to see included in the forum?
3. Do you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the implementation of this platform?

Interested members should contact AMWA’s Organizational Assistant Hayden MacLachlan for further instructions.