Donald R. Boyd Award

AMWA Donald R. Boyd AwardThe Donald R. Boyd Award acknowledges extraordinary personal service in the drinking water quality field. General criteria may include valuable service advancing public understanding and awareness, management and technology innovation in water quality research or more general contributions deserving of recognition. This award confers recognition to individuals outside the association membership for effort and dedication to the field.

The award commemorates Donald R. Boyd, who was a founding member of AMWA and the association’s president at the time of his death in August 1984.

The Nominations Committee determines the recipient of the Donald R. Boyd Award, and the award is presented at the fall Executive Management Conference. Nominations are solicited in the summer by a bulletin from AMWA’s national office.

Past AMWA Donald R. Boyd Award Recipients:

  • 1987 Kenneth Miller
  • 1988 Merilyn Reeves
  • 1989 Michael B. Cook
  • 1990 Joe Cotruvo
  • 1991 William H. Glaze
  • 1992 Dr. J. Edward Singley
  • 1993 Dr. Daniel A. Okum
  • 1996 Rep. Michael Bilirakis
  • 1998 Bevin Beaudet
  • 1999 Alan Manning
  • 2002 Frederick Elwell
  • 2004 Virginia Porter
  • 2006 Rep. Lois Capps
  • 2007 Nick Catrantzos
  • 2008 Robert B. Stephan
  • 2009 Thomas J. Shaeffer
  • 2011 John Cromwell (Posthumous)
  • 2012 Pankaj Parekh
  • 2013 Marcis Kempe
  • 2014 Bevin Beaudet
  • 2016 Michael O. Vann (Posthumous)
  • 2017 Dr. Alison Adams