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The killing of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement has prompted demonstrations around the world in support of justice and against structural racial inequality. This is a watershed moment, put in motion by the injustice of Mr. Floyd's murder, but fueled by systemic inequality. Mr. Floyd's murder is not the first senseless killing of a black American or other person of color. What's more, racial inequality also manifests itself in other ways, such as in the form of economic hardship and poorer health.

Many of our members are painfully aware of the issue of systemic racism and discrimination within their own communities and in some cases, in their own experiences. AMWA stands firmly against all injustice and racism.

AMWA can do more to promote understanding of the issues of equity and justice that have plagued our colleagues and communities. In this pivotal moment in our country's history, we are committed to listening and then to taking action to improve our sector and our valued multicultural and multiracial society.  We welcome your thoughts about how we can do that together.


Diane VanDe Hei
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies