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Committee Mission

AMWA’s Regulatory Committee will work to develop, describe, and refine the association’s positions on regulatory matters. The committee will strive to increase the value of AMWA to both U.S. metropolitan water utilities and to relevant government agencies by providing thorough and detailed feedback on regulatory and policy-making decisions to ensure that drinking water utilities are being advocated for throughout all regulatory matters. Through this process, the committee will help AMWA to expand its influence among the regulatory and scientific communities.

Committee Role

AMWA’s Regulatory Committee provides input and guidance to AMWA staff in order to effectively represent large drinking water utilities in the federal regulatory process. The committee serves as a medium for AMWA members to discuss and define the association’s positions on federal regulatory matters. The committee works to provide insight to guarantee that drinking water interests are being represented throughout the regulatory and policy-making process across all relevant agencies, including US Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior, US Army Corps of Engineers, and others. At times, federal rulemakings are relevant to the interests of more than one AMWA committee. At such times, the regulatory committee will work with other committees, such as the security committee and the sustainability committee.