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COVID-19 Resources

AMWA has created a repository of COVID-19 resources for members. These resource have come from federal agencies, water utilities, and other organizations. Topics addressed by these resources include workplace safety, cybersecurity, and the essential nature of the water workforce.

This page also links to AMWA's repository of pandemic resources from members across the country.

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Lead Resources

Lead in drinking water is a prime topic of discussion in the water industry and promises to be so moving well into the future. To help members stay on top of the latest developments AMWA has created a repository for resources related to lead in drinking water. This one-stop shop page features general information regarding lead, updates on the Lead and Copper Rule, technical information, AMWA products, and more.

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Countering Disinformation

Disinformation, inaccurate information that is spread maliciously, is an emerging threat to the water sector and disinformation campaigns have already been reported by utilities. Utilities can review a water sector-focused toolkit, Countering Drinking Water Disinformation: Protecting Public Health from Malicious Messaging, and access a variety of resources to help them protect their communities against the threat of disinformation.

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