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Committee Mission

AMWA’s Sustainability Committee will expand and enhance the association’s value to U.S. metropolitan drinking water utilities through increased engagement and communication on a wide variety of issues related to water utility sustainability and ensuring the long-term resiliency of drinking water resources, system operations, finances and human capital. 

Committee Role

The Sustainability Committee is AMWA's forum for members to discuss and explore how the concept of “sustainability,” specifically as it relates to utility operations, is reflected in cities across the country.  Sustainability includes how utilities can more equitably serve their communities and prepare for both anticipated and sudden challenges. 

The committee provides input and guidance to AMWA staff to prioritize the items AMWA addresses on Capitol Hill and with federal agencies.  These priorities include topics related to water reuse, climate change, equity, and sustainable financial practices.  Committee members also engage other AMWA members and external organizations to explore and promote sustainable approaches to water management.  AMWA's work in these areas promotes long-term stability for utility operations and creates opportunities for utilities to thrive within their communities.