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AMWA’s Water Policy Conference will operate in line with the sustainability management systems principles outlined in ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System. This management system operates within the framework of AMWA’s sustainable events policy, where the association seeks to partner with our event hosts, minimize event environmental impacts, improve local economic impacts associated with the event, and promote safety and communication of emergency response actions at the event.

AMWA’s Sustainable Meeting Objectives and Targets

  1. Increase awareness of the hotel’s environmental performance by providing attendees information about Hyatt Hotels programs to advance sustainability and corporate responsibility. Hyatt is part of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance. In addition, through its World of Care program, Hyatt Hotels is working to advance progress on several of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

  2. Reduce the travel-related carbon footprint of our events by providing information to attendees about carbon offsets (which can be purchased via many airline carriers, or companies such as Terrapass).

  3. Reduce environmental impacts of waste associated with conference printed materials and name badges by tracking registration online, using an online conference app, minimizing printed materials, and recycling plastic name badges.

  4. Promote safety and emergency response by announcing hotel emergency response procedures at the event and providing emergency evacuation information in the conference materials.

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