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"As the landscape of water utilities becomes increasingly more complicated, AMWA provides  a unique role in helping utility leaders cope with the mounting pressures of doing more with less (funds, staffing, and time).  In addition to keeping utilities informed of current and impending issues and advocating on our behalf, CVWD has made extensive use of other AMWA services, including the Effective Utility Management program and their unique member-to-member surveys.  AMWA also creates the opportunities for utility leaders to share their thoughts and exchange ideas in more intimate settings, such as the Annual Executive Management Conference, which I find invaluable."
Robert Cheng, Assistant General Manager, Coachella Valley Water District

Benefits of AMWA Membership

The Unified Voice of Metropolitan Drinking Water

AMWA helps ensure that the perspectives of metropolitan water systems are heard in Congress and at regulatory agencies.

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Resources for Water Executives


INSIGHT Utility Financial Information Database

A unique source providing comparable financial data for benchmarking and planning.

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Engagement with Policymakers

We serve as the voice of the nation’s largest publicly owned drinking water systems.

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Water Policy Conference

Held each spring in Washington, D.C., the conference provides exclusive interactions with key federal legislators and top agency leaders.

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Executive Management Conference

Held in a different city each fall, the conference provides thought leadership and lessons from water utility executives and industry experts.

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Peer-Reviewed Awards

AMWA honors member utilities for excellence in water system management and operations.

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Leadership Center 

Take part in a one-of-a-kind development program for water and wastewater utility executives.

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Peer-to-Peer Networking


Events: Conferences & Webinars

Stay on the cutting edge of the industry through exclusive access to federal legislators, glean insights from industry luminaries, and interact with water utility leaders from across the country.

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AMWA Committees

Discuss key water policy issues and shape authoritative positions, policies, and products that advance the interests of the water sector.

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Member to Member Inquiries

Submit questions and quickly receive feedback and recommendations from peers across the country.

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Information Access


Monday Morning Briefing

Our weekly coverage of the latest water policy news from Washington, D.C.

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Water Utility Executive

Our premier newsletter provides monthly insights into new management thinking, innovations impacting water operations, trends influencing executive leadership, and resources supporting best practices.

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Access reports, white papers, research results, and other valuable information for drinking water utilities - published by AMWA and other organizations.

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Public water supply agencies serving, directly or indirectly, a population of 100,000 or more people.

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Consulting, engineering, law firms, and other service providers that support AMWA member utilities or simply want to stay well-informed about policy issues in the water sector.

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Only AMWA members, acting through their designated representatives, may vote on association matters, serve on the board or as an officer, or serve on committees.

Membership Dues

AMWA’s annual dues are based on population served.