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From weekly coverage of all the latest water policy news in AMWA’s Monday Morning Briefing to more detailed analysis of issues in its periodic reports, AMWA’s publications keep members up-to-date on all the topics of importance to metropolitan water utilities.

Monday Morning Briefing

Monday Morning Briefing Logo

Our Monday Morning Briefing offers weekly coverage of all the latest water policy news.

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Congressional Report

Water policy news from Capitol Hill

Our monthly Congressional Report offers an in-depth look at water related legislation, hearings, and developments in the House and Senate.

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Regulatory Report

The latest developments from EPA and more

AMWA's monthly Regulatory Report provides members with a detailed breakdown of the most pressing regulatory developments and the newest science in drinking water.

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Sustainability & Security Report

News and resources to increase preparedness

AMWA's Sustainability and Security Report explores how the latest trends in sustainability, emergency preparedness, and homeland security may affect the water sector.

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Water Utility Executive

Management news for water sector leaders

In its bi-monthly Water Utility Executive, AMWA focuses on utility management issues: information inspiring new management thinking, innovations impacting water operations, trends influencing executive leadership, and resources supporting best management practices.

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