2011 Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance

AMWA’s 2011 Gold Awards for Exceptional Utility Performance were presented to:

  • Arlington Water Utilities
  • South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority
  • WaterOne

Arlington Water Utilities (AWU) places an emphasis on long-term financial stability and managing assets through continuous process improvements. The utility works closely with the community to strengthen its commitment to environmental issues through collaborative outreach projects such as the Lake Arlington Master Plan, developed in collaborative effort with stakeholders to protect the ecology and water quality of the area for decades to come. AWU has initiatives such as the online water quality monitoring project, which provides the city with the dual benefits of water quality monitoring and a more timely detection and response to drinking water contamination incidents from both operational and intentional sources.

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) is achieving its mission to provide high quality water and service at reasonable cost while advancing watershed land conservation in the face of sharply reduced industrial water needs and gradually declining residential demand. Its strategic plan transforms its culture to greater agility and efficiency. RWA customers enjoy water that surpasses state and federal standards, and the utility is committed to assiduous maintenance of its infrastructure. Systems, such as supervisory control and data acquisition and hydraulic modeling, and the Incident Management plan, which encompasses hazard-specific emergency response and recovery plans, document institutional knowledge and buffer employee attrition.

At WaterOne (Water District No. 1 of Johnson County), completion of a state-of-the-art treatment facility and laboratory in 2010 positions the utility to meet the needs of current and future customers. Attention to operational optimization and efficient use of resources is seen in innovative energy savings software and unique pipe-bursting equipment to replace water mains. The success of WaterOne’s strong concentration on training, wellness and safety results in a healthier work force and advancement of its employees. Through careful financial planning and fiscal responsibility, WaterOne enjoys support from ratepayers for new projects and has been awarded high bond ratings.