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On January 5, EPA announced the release of its new interactive webpage providing information on PFAS across the US. The webpage, named the “PFAS Analytic Tools,” compiles multiple sources of PFAS data from across the country allowing users to explore maps, charts, and filter options. The tool allows users to uncover areas where testing has occurred and at what levels they were found.

The PFAS Analytic Tools includes information on PFAS discharges from permitted sources, reported spills, facilities historically manufacturing or importing PFAS, federally owned areas where PFAS is being investigated, transfers of PFAS-containing waste, PFAS detection in natural resources, and drinking water testing results. The tool covers several PFAS and works to provide the public with access to the growing amount of testing information that is becoming available.

EPA will hold a demonstration of the tool on January 10 at 1 pm ET. Registration for the event is required.