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General managers are invited to participate in a Zoom roundtable discussion on water utility strategic communications this June. Sponsored by the Utility Branding Network, the roundtable will be led by strategic communications expert John Ruetten, author of The Evolution of Water Utility Communications, recently published in AMWA’s Water Utility Executive.

The roundtable gives general managers the opportunity to discuss various aspects of utility communications, including the difference between strategic and customer communications, the effectiveness of current outreach efforts, and the general manager’s role in leading beneficial changes. Water utilities are faced with climate change resiliency, the rising cost of developing new water resources, aging infrastructure, and unregulated contaminants while at the same time grappling with affordability and social equity issues. Given these challenges, are current communications adequate for building stronger relationships with policy makers and influencers and counterbalancing misinformation, politics, bias, and special interests?

The Utility Branding Network Strategic Communications Roundtable provides a forum for general managers to discuss these critical issues and to review a straightforward communications approach that elevates standards, improves employee communications, makes investment proposals more compelling, and makes it easy for policymakers and influencers to be substantively informed.

These roundtables are offered at no charge and will be held on June 3 and June 7 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Space is limited for each event. Click Here to see the sample agenda. To register, simply email John Ruetten.