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Congress checked off a list of must-do items in the final legislative days of 2019, including measures to avert a government shutdown, establish defense policy for the new year, and advance a U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. But its most notable act was the House of Representatives’ historic approval of two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

In the immediate aftermath of the House’s impeachment votes it was not clear when the articles would be transmitted to the Senate and the President’s trial would begin. Lawmakers from both chambers are scheduled to return to Washington during the week of January 6.

Aside from the conclusion of impeachment saga, water policy is expected to have a high profile next year. Congress is due to reauthorize the Water Resources Development Act in 2020, and the measure could serve as a vehicle to reauthorize the Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Funds, along with the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program and other EPA water infrastructure initiatives. Lawmakers will also be looking to take further action to address PFAS in drinking water supplies, and there is interest among Democrats in the House of Representatives to formulate broader changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act’s regulatory process. AMWA plans to remain strongly engaged with congressional staff as these various proposals take shape.