AMWA’s utility recognition programs honor extraordinary management and stellar workforce performance through a progressive series of awards: the Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance, the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence and the Sustainable Water Utility Management Award. Any number of AMWA member utilities may win the Gold, Platinum or Sustainability Award each year. Distinguished panels of peer judges evaluate award applicants, and the awards are presented each October at AMWA's Annual Executive Management Conference. In January, each AMWA member utility eligible for one of the management awards is sent the appropriate application form.

2019 Award Application Deadlines

The application deadlines have passed for all of AMWA’s 2019 utility management awards. The winners will be honored at the 2019 Executive Management Conference in Newport, Rhode Island, October 20-23.

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Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance

Platinum Award for Utility Excellence

Sustainable Water Utility Management Award

President’s Award

Donald R. Boyd Award