Exploring Avenues for P3s: Resources

Following are some resources AMWA recommends for additional reading. If you have any resources you would recommend to utility managers, please send your suggestions to Erica Brown.

General Reading:

Baer, M. and J. Mayer. (2018, February 12). If P3s Are the Answer, What Was the Question?. [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://www.governing.com/cityaccelerator/blog/If-P3s-Are-the-Answer-What-Was-the-Question-lc.html.

Design Build Institute of America (DBIA). 2016. Public Private Partnerships A design-build done right (TM) prime. This document  provides a general overview of common terminology, benefits, myths and challenges of P3s and consideration of design build as a component of P3s. Authorizing legislation by state is also noted in a diagram, and AMWA has modified this document with information specific to state legislation authorizing water sector P3s.

DBIA also has a state P3 legislation matrix and list of pending legislation that is updated at least twice a year.

U.S. Water Alliance. 2018. One Water for America Policy Framework Big Idea 4: Blend Public and Private Expertise and Investment to Address Water Infrastructure Needs. Following a series of 15 listening sessions that engaged more than 500 water leaders across the country, the US Water Alliance developed policy briefs from the seven big ideas for sustainable water management that arose from those discussions.

Water Design-Build Council. 2018. Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook, 4th edition. Available for purchase from the council. A collaborative effort with DBIA, the handbook provides information for about best practices for various P3 methods for procuring, designing and building water and wastewater capital projects.


NIGP. 2015  A Guide to Public-Private Partnerships: What Public Procurement Specialists Need to Know.  Sponsored by the Institute for Public Procurement Business Council, this document discusses how P3s are different from traditional procurement. It notes that the success of any P3 project is in part dependent on partners approaching the P3 with a genuine sense of simultaneous commitment to collaboration and to public interest.


Project-Specific Documents:

  • San Diego County Water Authority has information about the role of a private company (Poseidon) in the development of the Carlsbad Desalination Plant project, and several documents related to the project including a copy of the 30-year water purchase agreement with Poseidon, information on the bonds issued to support the project, board documents and more. Scroll down to "Other Resources" on SDCWA's Saltwater Desalination webpage to learn more.