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Insight logoWelcome to INSIGHT: AMWA’s Utility Financial Information Resource

INSIGHT captures timely, relevant and authoritative data on the current water utility financial environment from participating member utilities and delivers that data in an Excel spreadsheet and via a user-friendly online dashboard.

The INSIGHT database is one of AMWA’s most valuable management tools for members, a goldmine of useful financial information that can be applied to both financial planning and communicating with key constituencies on financial issues.  Through the dashboard and Excel spreadsheet, participating members can compare their own data to that of other utilities in the areas of capital assets, CIP budgets, debt, rate structures, revenue sources, expense categories, affordability programs and much more.

2020 Survey

Raftelis analyzed and finalized the 2020 survey responses in January 2021. AMWA made the new database and dashboard available on February 19, 2021.

A total of 90 AMWA member utilities completed the 2020 survey for the latest INSIGHT database update. Results from biennial surveys since 2008 are also included in the database, so users can take advantage of a decade of trending data. Since only AMWA members completed the surveys, the data reflects input only from metropolitan drinking water systems, allowing uniquely meaningful comparisons. 


The INSIGHT dashboard is an innovative data visualization tool that brings to life the wealth of intelligence gathered from the 2020 survey results, as well as data from past surveys for trending analyses. The dashboard allows members to produce colorful, exportable charts from 22 categories of data containing more than 100 metrics and to compare the data to their own utility’s survey results. The dashboard has the added power to filter data and perform analyses by state, and the full Excel database provides a wealth of useful data.

Excel Database

The INSIGHT Excel database contains information gathered from 162 questions, capturing several hundred metrics. It contains all the data gathered in all seven biennial surveys.

Download the INSIGHT Excel spreadsheet

Note: Members may not share the INSIGHT database outside their own organizations.

Analyses of the 2020 Data

In March 2021, AMWA hosted a webinar that featured Raftelis representatives, who presented important findings from the 2020 survey such as COVID-19 impacts on utilities’ revenue, operating and maintenance costs, and customer usage. AMWA invites all water utility executives, their staff, and the organizations that support them, to review the recording and slides from the webinar.

The report of the general analyses is available.


Not in the INSIGHT database?  Only AMWA member utilities that completed the 2020 survey have access to the dashboard and Excel database.

AMWA members that did not participate in the survey, but are interested in obtaining INSIGHT access should contact AMWA's Antoinette Barber about current options for survey participation.