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AMWA’s Sustainable Water Utility Management Award, introduced in 2014, recognizes member utilities that have made a commitment to sustainable management. There are many opportunities available to water utilities to manage sustainably; each water system has its own water resource needs, infrastructure issues, financial position, political issues, energy costs, and other challenges.

This award views sustainability through a triple bottom line lens. Winners will have achieved a balance of innovative and successful efforts in areas of economic, social, and environmental endeavors, such as responsible management of resources, protection of public health, meeting responsibilities to the community, and providing cost-effective services to ratepayers.

The Sustainability Award is the third step in AMWA’s awards programs and is the only one of these awards that can be earned more than once. Member utilities can apply for their first Sustainability Award three years or more after winning a Platinum Award. After winning a Sustainability Award, they are eligible to apply for the award again when three years or more have elapsed.

Sustainability Award

Recent Award Winners