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The committees are forums chaired by water utility executives and supported by AMWA staff, which provide detailed guidance and comments on a variety of policy and program areas.

Members are welcome to Join a committee.

Environmental Justice (EJ) and Equity Committee

  • Recommends specific approaches AMWA should take regarding EJ and equity relating to federal policy, utility best practices, and collaboration inside and outside the sector.

Legislative Committee

  • Develops AMWA’s positions on various water policy issues before Congress.

Policy Resolutions Committee

  • Develops and revises AMWA's Policy Resolutions concerning key issues and strategies regarding current and emerging drinking water issues affecting drinking water utilities.

Regulatory Committee

  • Provides insights and feedback about rule proposals and research affecting the Environmental Protection Agency’s and other related federal regulatory agencies’ agendas and initiatives affecting drinking water utilities.
  • Members can access committee materials on the committee's webpage.

Security Committee

  • Evaluates national homeland security policy and programs that could affect water system operations and critical infrastructure resilience and security.

Sustainability Committee

  • Provides guidance on the association’s work and helps to identify and prioritize key sustainability and climate initiatives that benefit the membership.
  • Provides insight on federal agency initiatives and rule proposals in this arena.
  • Members can access committee materials on the committee's webpage.

Utility Management Committee

  • Provides perspective and expertise on a wide range of water utility management issues, as well as AMWA's management publications and programs.