Evaluating Privatization II - An AMSA/AMWA Checklist (2002)

Written in 2002, Evaluating Privatization II updates and expands the content of Evaluating Privatization published by AMSA in 1996. In addition to providing information on developments occurring since 1996, this new publication incorporates the issues and implication for public drinking water utilities along with those of public wastewater utilities featured in the initial publication. (56 Pages)

Public vs. Private: Comparing the Costs - An AMWA/AMSA Report (2003)

Written in 2003, Public vs. Private: Comparing the Costs provides an in-depth examination of specific processes and results of managed competitions between public providers and private firms and complements the content of the AMSA/AMWA publication, Evaluating Privatization II. This publication is must for public water and wastewater decision makers as they evaluate the merits of public utility management and operation alternatives and, ultimately select the best course of action. (36 Pages).